App design inspiration board

So I decided to come up with the mood board to show the look and feel of the app design layouts. Personally, this is the first time I design an app and to code the UI is already a big challenge! So Mr. Sam was kind enough to offer me help from the other lecturer, Mr. Muzamir from BIMD.

I met him to discuss about the problem I’m facing and he was really helpful and comforting. He suggested Adobe Muse but it’s not compatible with app designs. He also suggested social media quiz which means I’ll have to design the quiz online. It is effective because it’s sharable on social networks. I showed him the mood board & the wireframes for the design of the app.

app design moodboard

app design wireframe

So the look and feel I want to approach is mostly vector design with friendly casual colour pantone (pastel). Since the topic is so serious, I decided to have a twist to make it friendly & fun for the student participants. The wireframe is just a simple quiz layout from the homepage to the results.

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